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300, 400, 850 grams

Mango Thoku Pickle

It has the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors, specially made to leave a tangy flavor with every bite. Mango Thokku pickle has a unique flavor that ignites your cravings and satisfies your food love at the same time. For those who have got cravings for trying new and fresh flavors every time, this is undoubtedly the right pickle to pick!



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Benefits of Spices:-

Turmeric is known to improve condition which may lower chances of any heart-related diseases.

Cumin is known to help in digestion of food, and treats skin disorders.

Mustard seeds are source of vitamin b1, manganese, phosphorous, and omega 3 fatty acids. it helps to improve the immune system.

Methi is also used for diabetes, painful menstruation, menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome, arthritis, poor thyroid function, and obesity.